Ethics & Sustainability

Tank Air is a slow fashion clothing brand, dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. Our industry leaves a devastating impact because of our over production and indulgence. We try to design slowly and with intent to make no more or less than is needed.

 Our clothes are designed and manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles where we maintain a very close relationship with our seamstresses, pattern maker, garment dyer, and fabric cutter. There is no middle man - ever - allowing us to ensure that everyone we work with is treated with respect, paid fairly, and operate under safe and clean working conditions.

 The majority of our pieces are made from luxury deadstock fabric. We only manufacture new fabric when we cannot find fabric that meets our quality standards. To date, 95% of our pieces are made from luxury deadstock fabric. Our mailers are made in the US out of 100% recycled paper and are naturally biodegradable and fully recyclable.