Ethics & Sustainability

Tank Air is a slow fashion clothing brand, dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. Our clothes are designed and manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles where we maintain close relationship with all of our seamstresses, pattern makers, garment dyers, and fabric cutters. There is no middle man - ever - allowing us to ensure that everyone we work with is treated with respect, paid fairly, and operate under safe and clean working conditions.

One of the biggest problems in fashion today is the waste created from garment production. Every time a garment is cut-and-sewn it yields a handful of scrap fabric. Those handfuls of scrap fabric quickly add up and approximately 20% of all fabrics used in garment production end up in our landfills.

At Tank Air, we try to conserve fabric at every step of our design process. The majority of our pieces are made from deadstock fabric and during the cutting process we spend the extra time laying out our pattern pieces in a way to conserve as much fabric as possible. Our mailers are made in the US out of 100% recycled paper and are naturally biodegradable and fully recyclable.